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With the days beginning to blur together, a few of our new titles may have slipped pass your radar during their time on the front page. We wanted to gather some of the crowd favorites and shed some light on some of the gems you may have missed.

#5: Aspiring Artist 2

The second installment of Catyph12345’s Idle series is here! If you were unfortunately born with the spark of a master artist, but lack the dexterity to bring it to light. Aspiring Artist 2 is a chance to fulfill your dream!

#4:Trader of Stories Series

Taking place in the world of The Old Tree that Sleeps, this game tells the story of a young girl. She remembers naught about herself nor her past; will she be able to uncover the mystery of what had happened to her? Dive into Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Rudowski’s engaging Point & Click adventure.

#3: Knight-Errant

Welcome to a chess knight’s little adventure. This game is a unique twist on chess, following the basic movement of each peace, but the board has been torn asunder and strewn across the sky! Check out this charming adventure by developer FractalSunrise.

#2: Army of Silverite

Goodypundit has risen the alarm and The Kingdom needs your help! Silverite is in shambles from an invading Reptililan Zard. We must rise to meet them! Build a shack, a library, and recruit your army. The Evil Zard must be stopped in order to reclaim the Silverite!

Honorable Mentions:

#1: UnpuzzleR

Armor Games and Puzzle making enthusiast kekgame returns with the latest installment of the Unpuzzle Series! Much like its predecessors, clear levels piece by piece in this relaxing puzzle game. With no way to get stuck, you won’t have to restart; think out each move and flex your brain as the puzzles progress.

If you are looking for more information about our next games please take a look at our publishing site. Keep up to date with our current titles and other future announcements by following us at Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.

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